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Looking for different dating sites?

When it comes to dating, we all have particular ideals and desires in mind. If you’re looking for someone who ticks all your specific boxes and want to filter out the rest, you’ll need to look outside the mainstream online dating experience and join a niche dating site instead.

If you’re looking to specifically meet Asian women or men, you’ll find no better place than on an Asian dating site. It brings together people from an Asiatic background, or those who are just passionate about Asian culture, to greatly increase your chances of finding a good match.

Niche Asian dating sites and apps cater to singles looking for everything from friendship and hook-ups to relationships and love. Full of singles looking to find an Asian beauty and Asian dates, it makes it even easier to attract like-minded people and creates a safe platform to meet and make connections.

How do Asian dating sites work?

Asian dating sites aim to bring Asian singles together into one community and connect them with different people from around the world. Many sites have millions of active members in their database, who are searching for long-term relationships and friendships.

It’s particularly aimed at those living outside Asia and who still want to meet other Asian singles, but find it difficult to do so. The sheer number of people using Asian dating sites proves just how much members value a site that finds such specific matches so easily.

What is the best Asian dating site?

The best Asian dating sites will make it easy for you to find a partner with an Asian background, or match with someone who’s interested in the culture.

A quick and easy sign-up process

Most online dating sites for Asians make it simple to register and let you add as much detail to your dating profile as you want to. You’ll find a majority of sites and apps are free, but there is a premium service you can choose to subscribe to if you want to access extra features.

It’s worth keeping in mind that on some online dating platforms you’ll be unable to message other members unless you’re a premium member. If you want to send and receive messages without upgrading your membership, you’ll need to factor that in when choosing the best site for you.

After signing up, you’ll be asked to upload a profile photo to increase your profile visibility. On some sites, you can skip this and choose to add your profile picture later.

Premium subscriptions mean you can enjoy additional perks, such as accessing certain tools and having a more tailored matchmaking experience. The price of premium memberships can vary depending on the package you choose, but most do offer discounts when you upgrade for a longer length of time.

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Searching for your ideal match

Search tools are an important factor of any dating site. Some Asian dating sites and apps will suggest members that you may be compatible with, and others let you browse and filter profiles to help you find exactly what you want.

You can narrow down members by age, location, personality and interests, giving you the opportunity to meet and interact with Asian people who share more than just your ethnicity.

Finding love on the go

Most sites also have an Asian dating app that’s free to download and offers all the same features as the desktop version. Swiping through potential partners on your phone or tablet makes finding a date even more convenient, since you can use it wherever you are.

You can also find relationship advice and dating tips to guide you on your journey to finding an Asian date, as well as plenty of success stories for an additional confidence boost.

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Where to find Asian dating advice

Every relationship is unique and there are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to dating. Yet, if you’re looking to find a relationship in the Asian dating world, there are a couple of things you’ll need to consider.

Avoid generalities

The term ‘Asian’ is actually very broad and includes people from different ethnic minorities and cultural backgrounds. If this is the first time you’re dating someone from a different culture to your own, you’ll need to take the time to learn about your date’s background if you want to make the best first impression.

Be open about beliefs

There is a range of religions practised in Asia, including Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu. If your potential date is from a different religious background to you, it’s best to be open, accepting and to ask lots of questions. Being honest about beliefs and intentions from the offset is a must when you start to get serious about the person you’re dating.

Family is important

Family is likely to become an extremely important part of your life if you’re dating an Asian. Even early on in a relationship, it’s good to talk about long-term plans and expectations.

What is a good Asian dating site?

Finding a good Asian dating website depends on what you want to get out of joining, and what features you consider to be most important. Is the number of users in the site’s database a priority, or does an Asian dating site that uses an innovative algorithm to suggest matches come higher on your list?

Whatever aspects of a dating site matter most to you, you’ll need to make sure it always delivers a safe and secure dating experience. It’s important to sign up to a website you trust, and many are members of the Online Dating Association and take considerable steps to make sure you’re safeguarded against fake profiles and scams.

A good Asian dating site will also make sure that reporting and blocking certain members is straightforward, and will have strict measures in place when it comes to verifying new dating profiles.

Why dating as an Asian can be challenging

It can be difficult to meet other Asians, especially if you live outside of big cities where the population can be more diverse. As you’re working with a much smaller local dating pool, it’s no wonder that you might be finding dating challenging.

Many Asian men in particular find it harder to meet someone on mainstream dating sites, and can often receive fewer matches and messages from women. Some Asians often feel the need to remove their ethnicity from their profile, to encourage more matches. That’s a very sad thing to admit, and in a perfect world it should never be an issue. But unfortunately ethnicity and religion can still be a barrier to some Asians looking for online matches.

This is where Asian dating websites and apps come into their own. They offer a great way to connect with other people with a similar Asiatic background, and ensure there’s absolutely no need for you to hide your background or ethnicity when searching for a date.

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